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Buy YouTube Views Now – Get More Likes & Shares And Improve Your Video Retention Rates

Do you know that most people prefer to view a 5 minute video over a 1000 word article?


It’s because people hate to read long articles. You would also prefer a video over this article if both had the same title and content. People need to get direct answers for their queries. Google and major search engines algorithms are also trying to provide people with the right answers for their queries on their first search itself. If you have done article marketing in the past then you will know the value of keyword density. But over the years internet marketers have abused the system of on page SEO by increasing keyword density to more than 7% to improve their webpage rankings. Google constantly modifies their search algorithms to counter such misdeeds by webmasters.

The Importance Of video Marketing

Internet marketers fail to see the importance of video marketing. Most of them spend thousands of dollars on article marketing and link building. Your traffic will double or triple if you invest the same amount of money on video marketing. The targeted traffic from both the search engines as well as the video sharing websites will end up as your customers if you focus on video marketing.

  • People watch a video fully if they find it interesting.
  • They may watch it again and again and may show it to their friends, if the content in the video is of very high quality.
  • You can pack more information in a 5 minute video than in a 5000 word article. People hate to read long and boring articles.
  • Video marketing specifically tells what a customer to do next. You can tell the customers to leave behind their email or buy a product in a video.
  • Videos with good graphics and content will be shared on facebook and other social networks.
  • By using videos, you are using both visuals and audios to persuade your potential customers.
  • There are thousands of video sharing websites that hosts your videos and you need to worry about your hosing or bandwidth.
  • People can also concentrate on other tasks while hearing your videos over headphones. If your videos are really good the viewers won’t even get distracted.

The best thing is that people do not put a lot of effort and come up with their own arguments about a particular video, if the content is properly presented. A good example of video marketing is TV advertisements. The problem and solution (in the form of a product or service) is shown in each TV advertisements and most people will register the product shown in the advertisement in their memory. More than 96% of the people will buy the product when they visit a store featuring the product and they face the same problem shown in the advertisements.

Why Buy YouTube Views Once You Have Uploaded Your Videos To Video Sharing Websites.

After creating your videos related to the product or service, you need to upload it to 4-5 top video sharing websites. Videos do not have a problem with a duplicate content and you can upload the same videos to 1000’s of video sharing and hosting websites if you want to increase your reach. Even if you use a keyword optimized and an alluring title your videos may not be ranked in a video sharing website. There are various reasons for it. The major reason is that your videos do not get sufficient views, likes and shares whenever you share it. The top websites in your niche have a large fan and customer base (on facebook or twitter) and they will post the video link to their facebook profile page and get thousands of views within an hour. In the case of an amateur webmaster or a person with very little fan or customer base he/she will only get a few hundred views. The video content with the most number of views will be ranked over the less viewed ones (even if the quality of materials presented in the video sucks).

If you buy YouTube views, then you can beat your competitor’s views and rank higher than them. If the quality of the YouTube views is good and targeted then you will also get likes and shares. Likes and shares are also important metrics in improving your video rankings.

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